Now that it is summer, you want to be outside as much as possible—gardening, grilling, tinkering, and just taking it easy. But even the most inviting backyard can use a little boost and a few upgrades to make the great outdoors even greater for you and your family. If you yearn to turn a so-so backyard into your own personal paradise, check out these outside-the-home improvements you can tailor to your passions and favorite pastimes. Once you’ve made the most of your little piece of heaven on earth, you’ll be loving outdoor living like never before!

Deck it out

Decks are among the most popular outdoor additions homeowners make these days, according to a recent survey conducted by the architecture and design website Houzz. Whether outside a house or a shed, a deck abutting either increases functional space, enhances the look of the structure, and helps integrate it with the rest of the yard. Putting in a deck is the perfect weekend project for a DIYer with good carpentry skills. Size it appropriately for its intended uses, frame it out with 2×6’s, and build it from pressure-treated lumber.

Put in pavers

Create a pathway from the backdoor of your house to your outdoor living space with versatile pavers. You can even use them to make a small patio. They’re economical, attractive, and strong, able to handle heavy traffic with minimal maintenance. If you want to take this on as a DIY project, you’ll need to mark the perimeter, remove grass and soil, and add paving base and sand before laying the stones, cutting them as necessary with a masonry saw.

Plant a container garden

Colorful blooms around your outdoor structure will bring a smile to your face, help the area blend in with your landscaping, and make you more inclined to spend time out there. Container gardens are a simple way to spread color, and while store-bought pots and planter boxes work well, offbeat containers like washtubs, crates, buckets, and even old sinks add whimsical flair and are easy to come by. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

Brighten the night

An outdoor fireplace can extend your backyard living into nighttime hours and chillier weather. There are ample options: a traditional arched-box fireplace faced with stone or brick, a generous round stone fire pit for larger social gatherings, and even small, portable models. Before you get your heart set on an outdoor fire feature, research local building codes, and as you plan, keep the size of your yard and the prevailing wind direction in mind.

If these great ideas for the great outdoors have inspired you to upgrade your landscape in exciting new ways, you’re probably eager to get started. The best place to begin? Talk to VIP Services! Our friendly, experienced professionals are here to help you make your home the best it can be.

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