A low price often looks good ($39 carpet install charge for your whole house!), but is often too good to be true.   The big-box strategies break every job into tiny details in order to get calls coming in, and estimates going out. They often don’t include generic items that most expect to be included.  Simple services like carpet or door installation may start with one low fee, then add a measure fee,  tear-out fee, debris disposal fee, furniture moving charges, misc. shop fees, extra mileage charges, fuel surcharges, taxes, and delivery fees.  Home owners don’t usually know what is or is not included until the job is scheduled, or started.  Also, these “small” additions add up, and may be at a much higher rate than is typical to cover the cost of the LOW initial price.  The main question is would you prefer to work with a company that lures you in with a low price, or is clear about what is included, and what is not.

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