With people staying at home more, remodeling activity is high. People are taking the extra time to transform their homes into sanctuaries. Though it may seem early to think about it, if you want a new kitchen by the time lockdown restrictions ease and you can safely host parties again, now is the time to get started thinking about your kitchen remodeling project. It is good to consider the popular trends to keep your kitchen looking current and fresh for many years to come.

Open Spaces

The mantra used to be “tear down the walls,” but now people are rethinking having an open concept everything. There are times when one wants to relax, or even entertain and not see the kitchen. That can be done with a strategic partial wall in the kitchen design.

Connection to the Outdoors

People want more natural light to flood the home to make it cheery and inviting. A home can seem larger when connected to an outdoor living space. If you love to cook, have an outdoor kitchen. If you love to entertain, have an outdoor dining and/or living space. Folding glass walls are popular to bring the outside in.

Bold Touches

An island is desired for more prep space, storage, a second sink, a breakfast bar, and it can add a dramatic color contrast. Open shelves create depth and makes a kitchen seem larger and more open, replacing a solid wall of upper cabinets. In considering the backsplash, people are beginning to move away from subway tile. Some people are wanting to continue their countertop slab up the wall. Others want larger tile in a chevron pattern. Also popular are 3-dimensional tile, or bold colored tile.

Cutting the Clutter

A well-designed kitchen will plan a place for appliances to be tucked away (blender, mixer, etc.). Pantries are a must for efficient organization. Having a refrigerator sized to meet the needs of the household with inset cabinet panels helps it to blend in with the cabinetry for a clean look.

Play with Color

White is classic and good for a smaller space, but contrasting colors in lower cabinets or island is popular. Dark wood stains are making a big comeback.


Do yourself a favor and consider easy to maintain countertops. Marble is porous and easily damaged. Quartz (engineered stone) with veining is the popular choice. Soapstone is also a beautiful and durable choice.

Body-Friendly Flooring

Tile and concrete are hard on the joints. There are other choices that are waterproof.  Engineered wood flooring has waterproof ratings (e.g. no damage for 20-34 hours of a liquid spill), and luxury vinyl planks look like wood and are waterproof.

If the time for a kitchen remodel is right for you, get in touch with us at VIP Services! You can work with your designer to bring your personality to your kitchen. We will help you select the colors and textures that will give you your dream kitchen.

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