Having a home remodeling project in the works is both exciting and stressful. Exciting because you are getting a whole area of your home remodeled to be brand new, but stressful because you are unable to use that section of the home throughout the remodeling process. Sometimes this means you must move your bed to the living room temporarily, not have a kitchen sink or even being down to one tiny bathroom for your whole family to share. If that is the case for you, VIP Services has put together a few fantastic ways to help enhance your tiny bathroom, so it does not feel so cramped and overwhelming while you are also dealing with the remodeling process.

Remove Large Countertops

While this sounds like a big bathroom remodeling project that is just going to add extra work to your plate, we promise it is worth the work. Removing a large countertop that is just taking up space and is not really getting used to its full potential will have a dramatic effect on how big your bathroom feels. Get rid of that big countertop full of wasted space and replace it with one much smaller. Make sure you still have room to store the extra toothbrushes, toilet paper, and those kinds of necessities; however, once you have space to move around in your tiny bathroom without constantly bumping into corners or each other, you will be so glad you made the switch.

Also consider purchasing an extendable countertop instead. That way, you can open it up when you need extra space and fold it down when it is not needed.

Get Stuff Off the Floor

Moving items off the floor and storing them in a different area will go a long way in maximizing your small bathroom space. Even if the size of your space is the same, keeping the floor clear of boxes, baskets, extra toilet paper, and other unnecessary items will give off the feel of cleanliness and organization.

If you have extra wall space, add some floating shelves for storage. Move a small cabinet into the bathroom so you have storage space without showing the world what you own. Mount the toilet paper holder onto the wall instead of using a floor holder. Purchase an over-the-toilet shelf if you have no room for wall shelves. The most overlooked area for shelf placement is actually one foot below the ceiling. There is always wall space there for plenty of shelving and storage.

Expose the Window

Natural light is one of the best ways to brighten and open up any space in your home. Most bathrooms have a window, and typically it has some frosted glass to avoid people seeing inside. While this frosted glass can dim the light somewhat, it also means you have the option to pull the curtain aside and let in as much light as possible without having to worry about people outside. Consider even adding a window up higher in the bathroom if you are very concerned about privacy.

Add Mirrors

If you are unable to add windows or expose the existing window, consider hanging a large mirror on the wall. This is a great way to reflect natural light and give the illusion of extra space. If possible, place the mirror so it will reflect natural light from a source outside the bathroom. Add a larger mirror to the vanity area, and make sure it is as flush to the wall as possible. Choosing a mirror with a big chunky frame will simply add to the cluttered and cramped feel of the bathroom.

Additionally, windows and mirrors are highly complementary to each other. Even if you can expose your existing bathroom window, consider adding a mirror at a 90-degree angle to the window. This will help even more with reflecting the natural light already shining into the room.

These are just a few excellent ways to enhance your small bathroom space. They are simple, inexpensive, and require little effort. While there certainly are many more ways to open up a tiny bathroom that involve more extensive time and work, these are great options for anyone dealing with a remodeling project that closes off a different area of their home. If you need help or advice with enhancing the look of your tiny bathroom, contact our team at VIP Services today!

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