North Texas is known for having mild winters most years, making the colder season an excellent time to renovate your home or start a new project. At VIP Services, we work on remodeling projects year-round. Here’s why you should consider sprucing up your home this winter with the help of our team.

Many people save renovations for the summer, and there are certainly benefits to getting things done when you can count on sunny skies. But believe it or not, there are also many reasons to embark on winter home improvement projects when you choose to hire a professional handyman.

From October through March, you can usually count on more available personnel, better scheduling options, and quicker project permits due to lower demand. You may also be able to avoid peak season pricing on supplies and materials while enjoying the same high quality and service.

Since you’ll be spending more time inside during the winter, why not make it nicer? Some people opt to go on vacation while work is being done on their homes, so they can enjoy their updated space after returning from a getaway. Others choose to get a jump on springtime projects. No matter how you decide to handle your task, we’re here to support you.

So, what can you do to upgrade your home during the colder season? You might consider a kitchen renovation in the winter, or smaller interior projects, like new countertops, cabinets, fixtures, or flooring. Here are some tips and ideas from our team to get you started:

Replace kitchen countertops

Replacing your counters can make a substantial impact on the look and functionality of your kitchen. It’s also more affordable and less time-consuming than renovating the entire room. Plus, the project can make holiday baking and hosting a little jollier. Read our article “Kitchen Remodeling Trends“.

Replace kitchen cabinets

You might also consider replacing your cabinets. If the color isn’t quite right or the paint is chipping on your existing cabinets, a new set can give your kitchen new life. Another option is to get new knobs and drawer pulls—you might be surprised how big a difference it makes. Read our article “Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen“.

Replace light fixtures

The winter might be the best time to reconsider your home’s lighting. The benefits of replacing old lighting fixtures include increasing energy efficiency, updating your dwelling’s appearance, increasing its safety, and making your home more pleasant overall.

Replace bath fixtures

If you don’t want to do a complete bathroom remodel this winter, why not focus on replacing the fixtures? We’re talking faucets, towel hangers, doorknobs, drawer pulls, and maybe even a new mirror or medicine cabinet. Small changes like these can make your bathroom more efficient and visually pleasing.

Refresh carpeting or flooring

If your current floors have seen better days, we also recommend replacing them in the winter. Unlike other home improvement projects, getting new floors or carpets may only take a few days. Your space will feel instantly warmer and cozier with new floors.

Reinsulate attic or crawl space

If you want to keep your home warmer this winter and cut back on your electric bill, you might consider insulating your attic or crawl space. This is a simple project that can have a big effect on comfort and HVAC efficiency. Not only will insulation make your house cozier in the winter, but it’ll also help keep it cool in the summer.

With unpredictably wet weather, we don’t recommend painting the outside of your house during the winter. However, there are plenty of exterior projects you can do year-round.

This winter, you might consider replacing your roof, getting new siding, replacing your exterior doors, getting new windows installed, or building out or replacing your deck or patio.

It’s the perfect time to tackle all those projects that were unthinkable when the afternoon temperatures were hitting triple digits!

If you can dream it up, VIP Services can help you make it a reality. Get in touch with us and get started today!

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