Most people would like to think that their bathroom is one of the cleanest places in their home. However, if not cleaned correctly, your shower can become quite the opposite.

It is especially important to keep it clean because this is an area many of us use every day or at least every other day. You want to feel your cleanest after taking a shower, but unfortunately, it is an environment where a pretty dirty environment can develop. Moisture accumulates in the bathroom, which creates a perfect home for mold, mildew, and bacteria to thrive.

Maintaining a clean bathroom helps support overall good health and hygiene. You don’t have to clean your bathroom every day, but here are a few handy tips to keep your shower clean and stain-free:

Avoid Water Stains

The most essential task is to prevent any water stains on your shower glass enclosure. Not only do they instantly make the shower appear dirty, but water stains may also turn into residue and over time can etch the glass. There are a couple of things homeowners can do to avoid such stains. The easiest solution is to purchase a squeegee and utilize it after taking a shower. Another method is to use a towel to wipe down the shower glass.

Use liquid soap

We all have used bar soap since our childhood. However, times are changing and there are plenty of liquid body washes and shower gel options out there. Bar soaps tend to leave drips and chunks in your shower area. To avoid scraping soap drips, you must clean the soap ledge with a piece of cloth every time you shower. The easiest solution to avoid such hassle is to change to liquid soap. As long as the body wash bottle doesn’t leak, your shower will be free of soap drips.

Prevent Dirty Feet Marks

Dirty feet are most likely the cause of a filthy shower floor. When you walk around barefoot or in flip flops, it’s amazing how much dirt your feet can pick up without you even noticing. As soon as you walk into a shower with white flooring or white bathtub, you can see a black footprint. If the stain is not cleaned up right away, the shower floor may be stained permanently. To prevent this, wipe your feet with a wet paper towel or a cloth before entering the shower area. In case you forget to clean your paws, try to keep a cleaning brush in the shower and give a quick scrub before finishing your shower. If your shower is too filthy after years of stains, it may be time to renovate your bathroom.

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