Your roof often gets the most attention when it comes to providing protection from weather elements. However, your exterior siding is equally as important and needs just as much care. There are times when a total siding replacement is necessary.

Here are some warning signs that it might be time to reach out to exterior siding contractors.

Mildew or Mold Growth

Mildew or mold growth on your siding can signify water damage, and immediate action should be taken. Not only could the mold spread and create other damage to your home, but it could also lead to health problems. Get ahead of these issues by contacting experienced siding contractors to evaluate the extent of the problem.

Rotted or Warped Wood

Rotted or warped wood can happen over time and is a sure sign that siding replacement is in your near future. Sometimes a single piece can be replaced, but a whole-house siding replacement is often warranted depending on the age of the existing siding.

Dry Rot

Dry rot can spread quickly and be more extensive than what you can see from the outside of your home. Press on the siding with your fingers or a screwdriver to feel the softness of the wood. This trick will tell you when to call siding contractors for a replacement.

Peeling Paint

Paint can fade over time when exposed to the elements, but widespread peeling paint can signify other siding problems. It’s always best to have exterior siding contractors evaluate the peeling paint to determine whether it’s caused by other major issues.

Broken or Cracked Siding

Broken and cracked siding requires immediate repair to prevent water from entering where it shouldn’t. Widespread breaking and cracking could mean the siding has outlived its life span and should be replaced.

Holes in Siding

Holes in your siding leave you vulnerable to rodent and bug infestation inside your home. Have your siding examined by a professional at the first sign of holes.

Higher Energy Bills

Damaged or old siding could cause your energy bills to be higher than usual as well. If your siding isn’t in the best shape and you’re noticing higher energy bills, contact exterior siding contractors for an evaluation.

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